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A social “Amazon” of music, arts & media. Where creators, influencers and businesses can open their stores on and earn revenues on content and relations - extensively more than they can earn on streaming services and social media.


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In short

Pindify is a blockchain based online market platform for providers of music, art & media.

Pindify’s token Pindex (PDI) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Providers, subscribers and business will be incentivized to use Pindex as a primary currency on the Pindify marketplace for subscription, trading, funding and branding.

Because of the projected size of the platform, we anticipate an exponential growth of the Pindex demand curve. The platform has already got the attention of major brands, labels and names who are lining up to get onboard. Pindify is scaling up and already going global.

The Pindex tokensale has succesfully ended on February 20, 2018

A total of 60,527,401 tokens have been distributed.

Pindex info

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60,527,401 PDI

LAtoken, Dakuce, TokenJar, DeltaRelay



Pindify is the online marketplace for creators, influencers and businesses (providers) of arts & media to collaborate, engage and earn from their content, stories, and fan relations.

Pindify built a transparent system to encourage providers of arts & media right to safely publish and earn through subscriptions, sponsorship, affiliate sales, trading and funding using Pindex.

Meet founder Christoffer "Stoffe" Wallin and hear the story of how he came up with Pindify!


We are building the worlds largest community with a social marketplace that not only provides clear revenue-streams for providers, but furthermore amplifies their brand and content, through collaboration and ranking.

Pindify wants to make sure to have critics, influencers, radio stations, magazines and supporters to create context, promote and share content to empower creators and business.

Our goal is to offer at least 300 000 creators and influencers the tools to manage their brands, engage with their fans, and earn on average $3000 monthly.

We furthermore are dedicated to establish beneficial relations between artists, writers, reporters and any type of management businesses such as agencies, labels, and publishers.

So we can support a future with better music. better stories, rewarding relations and balanced media.

Pindify is moving the entertainment business into a liberal yet responsible and transparent online market system.


Platform: Pindify has been in live beta since 2016 and had a soft launch in September 2018 with a full stack service.

Sales: We currently have 21 General agents with 102 ambassadors in 16 countries. Over 2000 providers with calculated 4.5 million followers. We’re currently launching our growing team of digital informants to bring awareness and invite providers online all over the world.

Relations: Our pipeline of potential business sales is long. Major names in management, publishing, charity, aggregators, incubators of arts and media is on the doorstep to launch their collaboration and publications.

Trust: Pindex has been quiet regarding press releases in order to present a viable product before promotions. Meanwhile we’re growing on social media and the workshops Pindify’s proof of concept is going according to plan.


The power of attorney along with the decentralized distribution of digital content articulate a new paradigm shift in the era of digital culture. Pindify’s marketplace is a solid economic foundation with strong financial opportunities for providers and partners of arts & media. The Pindex price is primarily expressed in relation to how well the marketplace is growing.

Thanks to Pindify’s crosschain ordering system with SprinkleXchange we can offer safe and cost efficient payments with optimal routing. This means that all users can pay to Pindify with any fiat- and most digital currencies (Pindex payments are discounted). The asset is then transfered to a dollar account mirroring our Internal Chip pegged to the dollar. At every payout request Pindify will buy the Pindex and distribute it to our providers wallets, bank accounts or prepaid card in the currency requested.

Consumers & subscribers (Supporters) Direct demand of Pindex.
Supporters can choose to pay with most fiat and digital currencies, but are incentivized by paying with Pindex. They will be able to directly buy, donate, hire, subscribe, crowdfund, and invest with Pindex.

Businesses & brands (Partners) Most powerful demand of Pindex
Media bureaus, Agencies or brands directly, will use Pindify as a tool to organize and promote their marketing content to providers. They fund their market account with dollars in a bank account. Pindify distributed the Internal Chip to providers that accepts the sponsorship offer and pay out in Pindex. This means that a big market account can demand millions of Pindex in one setting depending on price.

Artists & influencers (Providers) Longterm consistent demand of Pindex.
Since Pindify buy Pindex to transfer all payments to our Providers’ wallets, bank accounts, or prepaid credit cards, the demand will be presented on a daily bases. Price will change depending on our demand of Pindex. Since there is a finite amount of Pindex (60 million), it will grow exponentially to Pindify’s demand curve.

Pindify’s tailored solution by utilizing blockchain payments on behalf of providers, who receives Pindex to be exchanged in local currency on demand, and supporters and partners that automatically pays in Pindex. This means business as usual with safety, speed, and cost of the blockchain.” Hence Pindex holders will see the clear payrail with tokens for subscription, trading, funding and branding.




Affiliate Sales


Pay per stream




Pindify offer the symbiosis for Providers of the Arts & media to coexist with supporters and free browsers just as they would in any commercial center. 

It's free to join Pindify and post social or promoted content, but as a paying Member, you can earn on the Subscriptions of your fans and also on your professional body of work ('content').

The recognition by providers that they can achieve a great revenue growth by inviting their fans to become subscribers will increase the overall marketplace of Pindify.

Once clients of Pindify are starting to earn a better revenue from subscription than on any other streaming service, Pindify will reach out to the correlating industry media and really start promoting Pindify’s proof of concept

Provider of arts & media

Supporter of arts & media

Business & Company

No sector has been more disrupted than the entertainment and media industry in the past few decades. The latest challenge for creators is to avoid clickbait content, especially through advertising. To survive the rapid transition to a direct-to-consumer future, companies across the entertainment and media sector need an effective fan-centric strategy, or risk decline and irrelevance.

Pindify is the online marketplace for providers of arts and media to earn a decent living from their content, stories, and fan relations.

Pindify is building a transparent system for creatives, influencers and partners of entertainment, by managing and amplifying their brand. This allows them to make a living from their passion through subscriptions, sponsorship, affiliate matching, trading and funding. 


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