01.In short

Pindify is not another “evolutionary” media distribution service, but a revolutionary market service for merchants, contributors and the business of arts & media to publish, promote and earn directly from their supporters with subscription, branding, trading and fundraising.

02.Fun Fact

The word 'Pindi' means 'to bless Sakshi, the feminine goddess of creativity' in Hindi. 'Pindify' means doing the same but in a digital sense.

03.The new market place 

Pindify empowers the new market by providing a clear system of publication, distribution and monetization of social, promotional and professional digital content. Our approach is different by allowing anyone to publish. Portfolios are ranked democratically, content categorized personally and members being paid direct by their subscribers. That is actually the absolute incentive for why a vast majority of both junior to senior merchants, contributors and businesses of arts & media should be using Pindify as an addition to other distribution services. 


Pindify’s digital marketplace resembles that of any commercial center. It’s free to browse around, be social and share with one another. But to be a merchant or a business and start earning on products and services, rent is due. Pindify offers the same deal, but instead of the rent-payment we offer membership and instead of direct payments we primarily offer the subscription distribution. Most of the monthly revenue from membership will go directly to sales and empower them to instruct more merchants and businesses to invite more subscribers. It's the subscription that will grow in scale. In order to service everyone on the market we have several member options, but to remain a clear focus for each user’s selection they're separated by either a direct link or by initial questions. Here is an outline of the membership and their incentive structure:

Apply or get Invited
Change the entertainment industry to an open free market of arts & media.
Empower the creative class to publish, promote, and earn globally by inviting more subscribers. 
Earn by engaging with the country team and start inviting merchants or businesses of arts & media

€15/month excl. vat 
Organise your clients promotional, social and professional content in dynamic portfolios on one platform.
Capitalise on subscribers following, consuming content or gets invited by your clients. 
Grow your client base by discovering and recruiting new creators or arts & media

€5/month excl. vat
Publish your art & media, events and social content  into categorised cards on your portfolio. 
Promote your creative content on a large ranked market, channeled through all devices. 
Earn up to €7.46/month per subscriber who are invited by you, follows you and consumes your content.

Discover and collect arts & media with full access to express it through your portfolio. 
Connect to get closer and receive exclusive offers and material from those you follow. 
Empower your favorite creators by being in charge of your subscription.

(Testing the site out)
Explore the market’s free or promoted arts & media to collect, comment and share. 
Learn how engage with the creative community and grow on the global market.  
Promote your portfolio of content or share your favorite artist work to get a higher ranking.

Merchant’s and contributors can add a premium service for an additional €10/month to have their own subscription. 
Businesses can add an enterprise service for €69/month excl. vat to have unlimited portfolios or partnership with portfolios and publish film and audio books. Subscribers can add a premium service  for an additional €7/month to be able to watch films and listen to audio books.

05.Subscription distribution 

Subscribers are the cornerstone of Pindify’s transaction model. Its priority is aligned with Pindify’s market strategy, providing a great incentive structure for both the supply and demand of arts & media. All Pindify’s payments are dynamic depending on geographical area, but the subscription payment of € 11/ month is the standard payment. Pindify acquires €0.68 per subscriber, the transaction cost is €0.41, Vat €2.11 and the remaining €7.77 is distributed on the market. The market distribution is divided into sales, invitation, following and consumption. 

  • Sales: As a “General agent” or an “Ambassadors who’s directly or indirectly associated with portfolios invite receives €0.34/month
  • Invitation: €1.86/month goes per invited subscriber. 
  • Support: €1.86/month per following subscriber divided by how many the subscriber follows. 
  • Consumption: €3.72/month times the percentage of time the subscriber spent consuming (view, read, listen) the merchant’s “earn” content relative to other cards.  

Merchants with many social media followers can monetize on exiting fans. Businesses with large catalogs can both promote and earn their content via consumption. Smaller merchants with dedicated fans can receive the full payment from each of their fans. Famous merchants can earn on by providing exclusive material to only following subscribers.  

06.Sales distribution 

To make a difference and truly fuel the spread of Pindify's services it's imperative to make sure we have a dedicated sales team. General agents are in charge of their geographical areas that Pindify provides. They are in charge of the organisation of Pindify's marketing, sales and members in the area. By building up a team of great ambassadors that represents different categories such as music, podcasting, blogging etc and different genre's such as popular, indie, urban or alternative etc, we can pinpoint sales and networks that makes sense. 

07.INvite structure 

The "Sales Portfolio" is an online tool that provides a dashboard of personal statistics, great publishing tools to empower social sharing and specific invite links to businesses, merchants and contributors of arts & media.  Businesses represents management and promotional agencies as well as radiostations, magazines and vendors. Business enterprise represents larger publishers, labels and studios that represents many merchants or large have catalogs of content. By inviting businesses and providing an introduction, instruction and actions on how to invite merchants and subscribers you are more likely to have a greater success than inviting each merchant individually. However signing up businesses is time consuming and merchants such as writers, bands, artists, bloggers, podcasters, designer etc. may become more fast and fruitful since they are closer to their fans and works directly with you. Contributors earns only on content they provide or are apart of and does not earn any income on invites or followers. However should you invite a contributor that invites a subscriber your sales portfolio still acquires the €0.34/month. Should you, and most likely you will, invite or have a client that invites a browser that later on becomes a subscriber or a merchant your sales portfolio will start earning revenue.      

08. portfolio distribution

Portfolios on Pindify can be either Profiles or Pages. Profile Portfolios have only one owner and your sales portfolio will therefore acquire the invite-revenue directly. Page Portfolios can have several owners but are more likely to invite many subscribers. Under settings of the page portfolio owners can divide the revenue amongst each other. Your percentage revenue of €0.24 from every invited subscriber will mirror the % your clients represents. Starting from the left from the example below; You directly invite a merchant of music, so your sales portfolio receives €1.60/month. The merchant automatically gets a profile portfolio where she publishes her solo projects and invite here closest fans and your page portfolio receives €0.24/month for every subscriber. Then she is also a part of a very famous band where she gets 50% and the label gets the other 50% of the portfolio revenues (follower up to €1.90/month and invites: €1.90/month). That means that your sales portfolio will receive 50% of the €0.24/month each subscriber provides; €0.12/month for every subscriber. Let us just for fun sake say that you also invited the label as a business enterprise (direct invite revenue of €28.80/month) that got the other 50% of the portfolio. That means that your sales portfolio receives the full €0.24/month for every subscriber. To put this in reality with some numbers: Let us say that your merchants solo project gets 1000 subscribers and her famous band gets 10 000 subscribers, your sales portfolio will receive Direct invite €1.60 + €28.80 = €30,4 /month and Indirect invite 1,000*€0.24 + 10,000*€0.24= €2,640.00, which would provide your sales portfolio with a total from that merchant €2,670.40/month. .



09.Direct invite client revenue 

There is of course incentives to invite many clients to get part of the subscription revenue, but Pindify does our best to make you happy and get you started by inviting members directly. The example below is your sales portfolios revenue per direct revenue and month.  Do try your won numbers here : http://bit.ly/29w20ZS




Interaction Model

10.Market rules  

Market Quality 
To ensure quality on the market we integrated a democratic ranking system called "Karma" that gives everyone a chance to climb the market. Karma ranges from 0-100. Portfolios gets Karma depending how liked their published content are over time. Paying members gets additional Karma on triggers by publishing professional content. 
Global and local market
The global and local market will be mixed into one but is based on geographically relevancy. The global market only allows karma over 20 and the local market only allow karma over 10. Portfolios with lower karma can be searched for or directly reached by shared links. The global market offers a translate function to detect language to prioritize english on the cards subtext, however if the karma is above 40 all texts are allowed. The local market will then provide cards from the same country of each member when they sign in, but it’s easy to filter out other local markets . 
Feed Sequence
The market has a content sequence algorithm that displays content evenly and according to priority of higher karma publishers. It also takes into account the type (earnable/promoted/free) category (audio, video, text, image) and trending (Most liked, Most viewed, Most shared, Most recent) 
Collaborative Filter
The market feed matches every consumers settings and behavior with the settings of each content with a collaborative filter algorithm. 
Social capacity
By offering services to collect and be social with favorite content, Pindify provides a “home feed” where the user get updates from friends and followed portfolios. Content can be added to “lists” and the “cue lists”. Pinned content is stored in the personal portfolio. Favorite portfolios can be pinned and displayed in “stash” for easy access and specific updates. Content can be reposted on friends’ home feeds and “shared” to other social media. Comments can be made on all content allowed by the publisher. To facilitate consumption we offer search, filter and storing functions to access cards that needs to be found. 
Audio/Video and Radio Player
The player play audios and videos based on direct click and followed by the selected feed or quelist. The Radio function is soon being connected with the related lists and once we have enough data we can start providing that service. The radio function is play audio “related lists” which are based on the curation of publishers and consumers.
Search/ Filter
The search function finds direct searches of profiles and categories such as @Profiles, #Tags, *Media, +Collection, $Business and !Connect. The filter function provide results from an bundled search and addresses categories, subcategories, mood, subject, era, location, date and time, tags. 


Portfolio handing
Portfolios is the holder for all users content. Each user or group that signs in with their facebook, twitter or g+ profile gets a Pindify “Profile portfolio”. Profiles can then join together on the platform and form a “Page portfolio”. Each portfolio have setting-preferences to match consumption and publications on the market. Portfolios are also ranked depending on engagement and likability of its content.
Portfolio revenue distribution
All merchants- and business portfolios can earn on invites and followers. The revenue of a page portfolio is distributed according to the portfolio ownership %. Where each profile need to at least to be merchant member to acquire its share.    
Content handling
Publication of content is made very simple primarily on the web-dedicated platform, since most mastered content is done on a laptop. The mobile app will also provide publications primarily on images and live video. To publish, simply select category, name and enter content, set preferences to match consumers, set publish rules and as a merchant/business select free, earn or promote. 
Content revenue distribution
Contributor-, Merchant- and Business members can take part of earnings from every professional published card by adding the % ownership to the discography. Pindify offers connection with copyright services such as Auddly, Loudr, Ascap and BMI to directly license new content or to integrate it to the publication. We are furthermore looking into the new integration of blockchains and to become a large contestant to handle its future payments.

12.cross platform experience  

To ensure smart communication we built a dedicated web-, responsive web-interface and a mobile app. The dedicated web-interface facilitates the publishing and sharing on other social media for publishers. The responsive web-interface simplifies for consumers watching the content linked from the social media on their phone's browser app. The mobile app is mostly for consumers and we are soon offering apps in each category such an audio-app, text-app, film app etc.

Attraction Model 


Ten years ago Christoffer realized that soon radio and TV will no longer be available for the masses, and that the entertainment industry would provide all their content into catalogues to be displayed on direct streaming services. Then Spotify and Netflix appeared and confirmed his expectations. This is an era of professional content libraries sold via distribution services. But also an era of social media platforms such as MySpace, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Tumblr, Youtube, and Facebook where content mostly are available for free. Pindify’s mixed solution of a market place is therefore not directly in competition with neither the professional distribution services nor the social media platforms. A marketplace that will be less complicated to publish, promote and capitalize on a variety of creative content, but the same quality for consumers as distribution-services like Spotify or Netflix, can more be compared with Etsy and Amazon. However let’s break down the difference by pinpointing some issues to see the direct benefits of Pindify’s Marketplace compared to distribution services and social media platforms. 


  • Distribution services:
    • Offers a “Big Pool method” which only considers the overall number of streams. It does not consider how many subscribers generated those streams or how many % they spent consuming each content. This means that dedicated fans cannot directly support their favorite merchant or business of arts & media. More info on this blog: http://bit.ly/29c2cgS
  • Social Media platforms:
    • Does not offer any monetization, in fact members are actually paying to publish their content by providing ad revenues and 3rd party data revenue for the social platforms.
  • Marketplace:
    • Provide a clear payrail between the owners of content and its  consumers. 
    • Offers a incentive revenue structure to grow the market with invites.
    • Amplifies recurrent traffic by revenues from followers.
    • Additional income via trading, branding and funding.  


  • Distribution services:
    • Does not offer direct publication.
    • Offers clear search from a great library of content. 
    • Focus on professional distributions rather than social or promotional engagement. 
  • Social Media platforms:
    • Offers direct publication, but without organisation of content. A post is simply a post and cannot be filtered out, stored or searched for, unless they have the correct tag. 
    • Great communication between friends and groups.
  • Marketplace:
    • Offers publication and import of social, promotional and professional content that can be exported to other social media platforms.  
    • Provides a clear search by ranking portfolios and content. Effective filter system to find content in different areas, categories, moods and subjects. 
    • Great communication between publishers and their supporters. 

Attraction :

  • Distribution services:
    • Great for consumers and the entertainment industry
  • Social Media platforms:
    • Great for communication and ad companies
  • Marketplace:
    • Great for the merchants and business of arts & media to communicate and earn from their supporters and companies.

14.go to market Strategy  

Pindify’s strategy is to grow from creators quality to supporters enthusiasm. It’s important that creators are satisfied with the services and the platform before they start enlighten their fans. That’s why Pindify has a superior full stack platform with transactions models, effective publishing and powerful distribution on web and mobile, to primarily provide a “market instrument” for creators and then grow into “marketplace” with fans.  

  1. Pindify sets off General agents in geographical areas where creators, technology and consumers of arts & media collide into an equilibrium, such as Scandinavia and California. As an ambassador into the fields of categories and genres to sign up merchants and business of arts & media. Their incentive structure to earn monthly on every signed client and their subscribers, is built into Pindify platform. 
  2. Each merchant/business will be provided a Pindify kit with introductions, instructions and a sales tool to maximize the conversion rate.
  3. Pindify will assist merchants/business to create a proof of concept where they in fact make more revenue on Pindify than other distribution channels. Once the proof of concept is set, Pindify together with the general agents and PR-frims will present the proof of concept media channels towards people within the entertainment industry. 
  4. Pindify will select and invite creators out of the 3000 signups we already have, where several creators that has over 10 000 fans. We are further in dialogs with already established bloggers, artist, podcasters and producers to invite and capitalize on great amount of fans.
  5. Pindify together with Ambassadors are already communicating with indie-labels and agents in music, media houses and film studios to start inviting their artist and producers. 
  6. Email and social media strategies to engage creators to win great prizes each month for inviting most subscribers or publishing most liked material giving them the highest rank.  It will also remind previous users to start interact more to provide that important vibrant energy on the marketplace. Local community managers will be appointed that both engage and support members.
  7. After reaching a significant user base, Pindify will propose publishers such as radio stations, magazines and big labels to extend their revenue streams by simply start using the market platform. 
  8. Place native advertisements in blogs, vloggs and podcasts to truly put Pindify on the map. Start involving Pindify in music, film, or book festivals and sponsor their endeavours for awareness and future cooperation. 
  9. Start applying our digital service to the analog world with hubs for creators in areas hat represents Pindify the best. The area with most amounts of actions of merchant/business sign ins will be awarded a public “office” to physically empower Pindify’s presences. That office will be a cafe/lounge for Pindify’s ambassadors and creators to create and work.
  10. Cooperations deals with Hostels to offer our user base in exchange to have the Pindify’s Logo. 
  11. When we reach further awareness we’ll offer festivals only for our members around the world. Being a premium yearly subscriber will provide you free entrance. The idea stems from “What if Facebook opened a Cafe?’ when they started”
Spotify added 10 million new users in the final two months of 2014, bringing it to a total of 60 million active users. Even more impressive is Spotify's ability to translate free users into paid customers. The service had 100 million users with 30 million paying subscribers—or a 30% conversion rate per 12-31-2015.
Soundcloud, with less professional content than Spotify, had 3 million users in 2011 and 179 million users in 2015.  

15.The Bond 

So why should any subscriber use Pindify’s service. We truly believe that no consumer will primarily search for our services, we are even sure that subscribers are not interested in us at all. But we do know about the almost religious bond between the consumers and their idol writers, musicians, filmmakers a.ka creators. To spontaneously organize a concert of the most exclusive fans, or maybe send out a prompt to stream the latest film, is a matter of a few keystrokes for the creators. We know this bond will create a quite unique conversion rate for this industry and it will continue growing our market place.

“40 percent of U.S. consumers…are responsible for 75 percent of music spending. These fans, who spend between $20 billion and $26 billion on music each year, could spend an additional $450 million to $2.6 billion annually if they had the opportunity to snag behind-the-scenes access to the artists along with exclusive content.” – Nielsen study, March 2013. 

16.Social spread 

To combine market growth with early revenue Pindify emphasis on creators incentive to earn per invited subscriber from their current fanbase. All content can be shared and parsed into other social media platforms in an instant. By empowering the creative class to amplify their connection with their supporters via social media, it will organically grow the marketplace. Metaphorically speaking; Pindify’s market will “bloom out” from creators to their supporters. 
It’s very easy to get access to shared content for visitors. Any visitor can view free and promoted material and also register as a browser to collect, communicate and consume limited content for free. However once they become a subscribers paying €11/month and get access to the entire market the invitation distribution will go to the person who invited the subscriber.


Christoffer Bolinder Wallin, CEO.

Pindify was founded by Artist, Economist and Developer Christoffer in 2012.  
To minimize cost and maximize the time to accumulate the clear vision, he spent 2 years full time writing the strategy and designing the blueprint prior to production in June 2014. In 2011, He founded Jamclouds  “The collaborative online platform for musicians to unite and collaborate in a real time online studio”. Between 2007 and 2011, Christoffer served as a Developer and Project manager at BTS; a global leader in building strategy alignment and execution through the use of business simulations and experiential learning programs. He developed and managed the following projects.

  • The Technical Training Portal for The Coca Cola Company.
  • The Strategy alignment platform for Cox Communications. 
  • The Communication platform for Sun Microsystems merger Oracle 
  • The Execution and Impact portals for PMI, Logica, DHL, Ericsson and  EADS.
  • The Ecological Impact Simulation for Swedish Export Council ( Symbiocity.org) 
  • The BTS Global Tournament
  • The Strategic Financial Acumen Platform for HP
  • The Leading With Distinction portal for AT&T 
  • The Business Tournament EVOL for Aol. 

Christoffer is an active Musician, who’s created over 60 songs and has been the lead singer for 5 bands. In 2006, Christoffer founded the social community “Backstage” that organized fans and promoted local artist with larger headliners.


Oscar Gillström
Country Manager
email: og@pindify.com
location: Stockholm, Sweden