Pindex news week 42


The future of the Pindex on the platform

The power of attorney along with the decentralized distribution of digital content articulate a new paradigm shift in the era of digital culture. Pindify’s marketplace is a solid economic foundation with strong financial opportunities for providers and partners of arts & media. The Pindex price is primarily expressed in relation to how well the marketplace is growing.

  1. Pindex for consumers & subscribers (Supporters) - Direct demand of Pindex.

Supporters can choose to pay with most fiat and digital currencies, but are incentivized by paying with Pindex. They will be able to directly  buy, donate, hire, subscribe, crowdfund, and invest with Pindex. Read more about how Pindex works for our different audiences on:

Dashboard - the insights tool.

On Pindify there is a feature we've called the Dashboard that displays data about your profile as a Provider. The Dashboard is an important tool for Providers so they can analyze data to develop and improve their metrics, and get more followers.You can now see data about views, followers, pins, invites and the location of your fans. More data analytics tools will be added soon.

Share, comment, like and pin!

The posts that we call cards are ready to be liked, commented, shared and pinned! You can share a card by email, Facebook, Twitter and google +. Pinning a card means you save it to your stash. All your pinned cards end up in your stash, where you can view and share them again and again.

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