Pindex news week 43


At CoinGecko and CoinLib

Pindex is now listed on the cryptocurrency ranking websites CoinGecko and CoinLib.

The future of the Pindex on the platform

How do Businesses & brands (Partners) use Pindify and Pindex?

Businesses & brands (Partners) is the most powerful demand for Pindex. Media bureaus, Agencies or Brands will directly utilize Pindify as a tool to organize and promote their marketing content to creative or service providers. They fund their market account with dollars in a bank account. Pindify distributes the Internal Chip to providers that accept the sponsorship offer and then they receive a pay out in Pindex. This means, depending on price, that a big market account can demand millions of Pindex in one setting.

Flip a card!

At the top right corner of each card there is now a rounded arrow. If you select the rounded arrow the card is going to flip over and on the back or the card, the users profile will be displayed. There you can see what ranking the user has, which country they are from, and how many followers the user has. The eye icon shows how many views the card has.

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