Pindex news week 44

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The new app

Finally the new app has arrived! Now you can consume free and premium content and use Pindify on the go, wherever you are - so smooth! Download it now and sign up or log in. Available on Android and iOS.

The future of Pindex on the platform

How do Artists & Influencers (our creative Providers) use Pindify and Pindex?

Artists & Influencers (Providers) will fill the long term consistent demand of Pindex.

Since Pindify purchases Pindex and transfers all payments to our Providers’ wallets, bank accounts, or prepaid credit cards, the demand for Pindex will be presented on a daily basis. Price will change depending on our demand of Pindex. Since there is a finite number of Pindex (60 million), Pindex will grow exponentially to Pindify’s demand curve.  

Feature - Home page

The Home page is where you first come when you log in to Pindify. The Home page is where you can view content from everyone that you follow. Like, pin, comment and discover the cards from the creative Providers you follow and start to follow new creators who will pop up on your Home page! Go and check out the new Home page here:

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