Pindex news week 46

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Share content on Pindify

We've released an important new feature for Providers to gain exposure and inspire others. When Providers post content, they can choose to collaborate with other Pindify Providers to share earnings distributions. You can agree on what percentage each Provider receives from the content. This is also an ingenious way to share earnings for a smaller projects as opposed to creating a distinct Portfolio for ongoing collaboration. This way, when Providers publish a card, they can choose which Pindify Providers to share the earnings with and what percentage each Provider will receive from the publication. For example, if a producer wants to release a new song, and credit the videographer of the accompanying music video, each receives a shared percentage of the content for that card. The pre selected shared percentage agreed upon prior to the publication will be be automatically distributed to each contributing Provider.

Entice users

In order for Pindify Providers to attract as many Supporters, fans and followers as possible and entice other creative Providers to the platform, we updated a feature that makes it easier to share all content to other media and network channels. You can share your own content, other Provider's content, and other Provider's Portfolios. For now, you can share content to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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