Pindex news week 47

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Updated Page Ownership

This week, we made an update to the platform which allows Providers to share ownership of Pages. When a card is posted, a Provider can choose what percentage each collaborator will receive. This is great way to share earnings for a smaller project. For example, if a Provider wanted to release a new song, and credit a producer and the videographer and director of the accompanying music video, each Provider would received a shared percentage of the content for that card. The percentage of each collaborator will be automatically distributed to each contributing Provider. Shared ownership and transparent distributions of earnings inspires collaboration and will build the Pindify Community from within.

New Dashboard for Agents

The Dashboard is now up and running for Pindify’s General Agents and Ambassadors. General Agents and Ambassadors are powerful networkers who have far-reaching influence. Now Agents can track and analyze valuable information about their Ambassadors and Providers, and Ambassadors can track and analyze Providers they have invited to the platform. The Dashboard tool will allow Agents and Ambassadors to advise Providers on ways they can invite, engage, and monetize their premium content. They can also view all pending invitations.

As trending data begins to come into full focus, using this tool effectively will allow General Agents, Ambassadors and Providers to discover how to take advantage of the data and educate Providers on ways they can expand their exposure. Providers can then invite and engage with their fans, followers, and Supporters—and time the publication of their premium content accordingly, in order to maximize earnings.

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