Pindex news week 49

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Filters to the app

This week we have released two new great features. The first one is for our app. For those users who want to see specific content in their feed either on the home page, on the marketplace or in their stash, they can now filter content by content type, countries and ranking. Users can save filters for future use so that they can quickly find them if they want to filter content. This makes it easier and quicker for our users to find the content they want and find the content of their favorite themes and genres.

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The second new feature is for audio. When users are listening to a song or some kind of audio file on Pindify, the song will end and another song will begin to play from either The Market, The Home page, The Stash, or if you are working on or viewing a Portfolio, the audio from that Portfolio will begin to play. The new music will play automatically without any action from the user. Uninterrupted play!

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