Cross chain technology on Pindify

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As the blockchain industry continues to grow and progress, for any project to survive, interoperability will become an essential feature. It doesn’t make sense to have hundreds of blockchains completely separated from one another, competing for market share and value.

Interoperability is the ability of different systems to work together and communicate with each other and without interoperability, the blockchain industry is like a giant chain of islands with neither boats or bridges connecting and communicating. To move to a new island, you need to abandon your previous community altogether and swim to a different piece of dry land. It takes a lot of effort. And makes little sense.

At Pindify we are building bridges. We believe it is not only beneficial but absolutely imperative that blockchain projects connect with one another and establish interoperability. We have always believed in maintaining a collaborative spirit, rather than a competitive one.

We here at Pindify are pleased to announce that we are developing and building an interoperability-enhancing technology into our platform. It is the Cross-Chain technology and in short, allows inter-blockchain transfers of value without performing a swap or trade.

This technology creates blockchain interoperability and thanks to Pindify’s cross chain system, we can offer safe and cost efficient payments with optimal routing. This means that all users can subscribe to Pindify with any fiat- and most digital currencies (Pindex payments are discounted). At every payout request, Pindify will buy the Pindex and distribute it to our Providers wallets, bank accounts or prepaid card in the currency requested. Thanks to the cross chain technology, via smart contracts, we can also provide our creators with safety of their identity, rights and ownership - which is very important to us. We take care of our creators and want them to have the chance to decide what they want to do with their work - and hold and maintain the rights and ownership for themselves.

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