Subscription is offered to help creators earn on a lower level transaction, which distributes each subscriber’s subscription of $9.32 directly to the merchant. $2.32 for invitation, up to $2.50 for following and up to $4.50 for consuming the owner’s media:

Branding is an option for merchants to select offers from companies who’s marketing segments matches the analytics of the merchant. The offers’ payouts are based on views, clicks, actions and transaction. The branded media includes images, text, audio, pre-videos and links  

Cards of the merchant’s products and services such as tickets, merchandise, downloads and lessons are traded directly with micro-payments on the market or on the portfolio 

Provides easy access for supporters to donate or crowdfund merchants. The cards can connect venues with bookings and events with fans, by simply being displayed on the market. Promoting the cards will provide even higher possible returns


Simply Put
Our market will grow and so will our services. By offering these four revenue-streams to every creator who becomes a merchant for $15 / month, we close in on our prophecy of having 
300 000 creators making $3000 / month while keeping supporters happy.