Founded in 2015 by Artist, Economist and Developer, Christoffer Wallin, Pindify is one of the first functional
 online marketplaces for creators to earn from their body of work.


The early vision for Pindify originated in 2001. It started as a side project, developing a social community and stems from Christoffer's philosophy that creators deserve rights and are a vital part of society. In 2006, Christoffer developed Backstage, which helped local artists get on stage and be promoted with larger headliners. In 2011, he launched Jamclouds, a collaborative platform for musicians to unite and collaborate in a realtime online studio. However, he knew that it was time to find a solution for creators that allowed them to become financially secure. To be a part of the revenue stream that is flowing from the art that they create, art via music, words, film and more.

In 2017, after 3 years of developing the Pindify vision, including thorough research and strategy, then pitching and gaining investor support, Pindify, the 'Creator's Market', is opening it's gates to harness the power of the free market for those creatives who want to take up the responsibility and earn in new ways, using technology in their favour. Taking the power back from 'content providers'. Pindify is an enabling platform ('marketplace'), where they can share, store, organise, network, collaborate, fundraise, market and sell.

A key message Christoffer is adamant about: Pindify itself must not dominate the focus of the 'marketplace' we have created. It's simply the engine underneath. A powerful, fast, well designed engine, that everyone can trust. We have spent a lot of time making sure that the underlying algorithms and checks and alances, ensure the integrity for the sytem, and for the creators and their networks that use our service and platform. We want the spotlight on them, not on us.

We do things differently at Pindify. We're even launching in beta phase. We don't care if the system is not perfectly finished on the surface yet. The back end functionality is solid though. We want to bring Pindify into the hands of creatives and the Arts & Media community, as soon as possible. Your support and community participation will be embraced and valued.


“whether you engage with Pindify as a provider, supporter or community member, you’ll be empowering cultural innovation for creatives worldwide by uniting like-minded people through the use of the latest technology to create a new world for the Arts & media”


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