Editing your portfolio



Step 1: Go to your portfolio

Click your name in the top right corner to get here.


Step 2: Click edit page.

From here you can add or remove a photo of yourself and change your cover image. 


Step 3: Main info.

Here you can edit your name, username, location and profile color.

Write something about yourself so people know who you are! 


Step 4: Type. 

Tell us a bit about yourself. Are you a singer, a photographer or a band?

Select what moods represent you (you can change moods whenever you want).

Step 5: Contact.

Do you have a website? Add it here.

Connect to your social media here, it helps verifying your account so we know its really you.

Bonus: You get some karma for connecting to your social media.


Step 6: Members.

Add people who can earn revenue from your portfolio here. Maybe a manager or agent? If you’re a band this is where you add band members.


Step 7: Don’t forget to save.