Pindify in short

Pindify's market-platform liberates providers of arts & media to publish, distribute and monetize directly on subscription from existing or new supporters. Providers such as creators, contributors, curators, managers, agents, labels, media houses and publishers can finally have one place where they can gather both social and professional digital content. Providers can join together or separately earn from both portfolio-revenue and content-revenue. All arts & media can then be discovered, organized and consumed by subscribers on the market, home or on portfolios via our web service and mobile applications. 



From the outside the digitization of entertainment already appears to have changed. But behind the scenes of streaming services most providers of arts & media are still having issues with earnings, publishing, promotion and the communication with their supporters, while on social media it's hard to build a trademark, organize content and earn on subscription. Pindify simply unified the best of streaming services with the best of social media and provided a clear pay-rail and communication between the providers and consumers of arts & media.


streaming service

(Netflix, Audible, A-cast, Spotify)
This industry model is designed to work with top level catalogs of traditional content. It's difficult to publish and promote new content. It does not offer diversified categories and the payment distribution is not balanced. 


Social Media

(Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter)
This forum offers no clear thesis and usually sensationalism overpowers subject matter and quality. It's hard to organize or search for content and it's, as of today, impossible to earn on either followers or consumers. 


Arts & Media mARKET

The market where both providers and consumers are in charge. Providers can be social, promotional and professional about their brand and their content. Consumers are in charge of who get's their subscription.


Pindify's service the social and professional relationship between providers and consumers or arts & media, not a library of catalogued content  that people can merely stream, instead Pindify aims to create a symbiosis for merchants, businesses and enterprises (providers) of arts & media to coexist with consumers and free users as any commercial centers where you can be social, promotional or professional. Pindify charges a membership instead of "rent" and as a payments Pindify built a unique, secure and efficient subscription distribution system to handle sales, portfolio and content transactions. 

It's free to join and to post social or promoted content, but as a merchant you can publish, distribute and earn on your professional work. 

It's free to support and view free or promoted content, but subscribers paying a monthly subscription gets exclusive access to portfolios content and full access to the market.  

It's easy for anyone to enter, interact and transact on the market. The market has a global and local feed for providers to promote. It's regulated by a democratic ranking system to enforce quality.

Providers can join together to share or separately earn from both portfolio-revenue and content-revenue. Depending on each country Subscription is $11/month (USA) and after VAT and operational cost, the market distribution is about $ 9 / month and subscriber.
The portfolio holds all content, information & settings and becomes the "relations centre" for every provider/s. It earns about $2/month for every invited subscriber and about $2.50 for every follower divided by the amount the subscriber follows.

Content is what published digital work. Professional content receives revenue on the amount of time subscribers read, view or listens to it. Content must have one responsible owner and can have multiple co-owners that must at least have a merchant membership to cash out.
We're currently working on a joint blockchain technology to facilitate contracts with plugins to PROs, other DSP's, Labels/Agencies


"No matter if you're a provider or supporter, with Pindify you empower
the creative progress of critical innovation by independently
connecting a new world of arts & media"