Gather, Publish and Earn on Your Art, Words, Film & Music

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”
Vincent Van Gogh


Passion surely makes us feel alive and adds some purpose to our short lives we live. Committing to a purpose or a passion set by others, usually leads to regret and despair. Personally evolved passion via hobbies and pastimes is the purpose worth chasing. Collective energy of music, arts and media is our passion, and our purpose is to help you to make a living out of yours. 

                             Make a living out of your passion

                             Make a living out of your passion


The Story of Pindify.

We wanted a place where we could share our art with our peers and our fans. We even dreamed of a place where we could actually earn a decent living from our art, a regular income from our 'content'. A place where we could promote, sell and market our own art ourselves and be rewarded, or, maybe even let others market it for us. Through intelligent, mutually beneficial partnerships and through our support networks, both businesses, fans and peers, we wanted a place to unite and, where they get rewarded too!


No such place existed.

The day we realized that such a place didn't exist, is the day Pindify was born. We built what we, as artists, wanted. A place to share, and earn from, our art.

But how would this new 'place' be funded? What would it look like? How could it be described? 


Think: a marketplace. For creatives.


A marketplace for creatives and the networks that support them. That includes their influencers (such as bloggers, journalists, media outlets (large and small), and their labels, publishers, managers, etc. And of course, their fans and supporters. The 'consumers' of their art. The 'subscribers'.

At Pindify, we realised we needed to connect artists with their networks through an online social network to organize their art, and also, earn from it. This social network platform had to be trustworthy and have our members' best interests in mind. Again, before Pindify, such a place did not exist. It exists now.

Pindify is a trustworthy platform built exclusively for artists to connect and earn directly with the Arts & Media world.


Behind Pindify


We had to build something large and automatic that could benefit us all. We wanted to form a platform that could digitally manage entertainment, festivals, hostels, bars, coffee shops and more, while at the same time, administrate and invite like-minded people to unite together through art, culture, community and spirit.

Next came the reflective questions, that would soon become the foundations of Pindify:

  • Why would people come to our new platform? 
  • What type of unique interaction would we offer?
  • What about options for transactions and earning revenue?
  • Could we create the equivalent of a minimum wage for artists?
  • How could we empower like-minded creatives to earn money?  
  • How could we empower those that support & love them and their creative work?
  • What incentives would we give for people to pay for creativity?
  • Should we start with branding, trading, fundraising or subscriptions? 
  • Could we offer secure ways to publish with verified and dynamic ownership?
  • How would we reach future artists and support networks?
  • How do we avoid being dictated to by superpowers?
  • How do we have financial independence?
  • How do we eliminate advertising and the dreaded popups?
  • How can we ensure freedom and equality in our community?


Whether you are just beginning your creative path or have been around a while, you hopefully still get excited about your music, art, media, movies, books or creations (if you are not jaded by the industry and abuse of your 'content'). You want the freedom to share, but to earn from sharing, and you also don’t want to be held back from connecting with current fans and clients, nor from reaching new ones.


The Pindify Starting Block

An Amazing Kick Start for You & Your Work Online (& Offline)
Pindify's interface will grow and evolve with you. As you learn more about Pindify, and learn how to grow your content, art, and other media you choose to share on the platform, you'll have Pindify learning and growing right alongside you, every step of the way. We will never stand still. To begin the journey, we have built an elegant foundation. It starts with:

  • tapping into revenue streams from current and future audiences
  • easy product, content & information sharing
  • connecting & engaging via tailored messages with support networks and peers
  • lightning fast, intelligent content searches
  • protecting & defending your creative & IP legal rights
  • encouraging sales
  • sales & revenue collections, distribution, reporting and tracking
  • catalog organization & management
    • from 1 draft composition to a body of work of more than 10,000 pieces - Pindify's system can handle it, effortlessly
  • increased functionality and services as Pindify's Proof of Concept unfolds
    • we've got big things in store!



Pindify will never change its communication methods and algorithms. Unless it benefits you and your fans, & then we'll let you know well in advance. With us you have a stable tech environment to operate your business.


Pindify is scalable for any sized business. Whether you are:

  • a DIY creative, experimenting or finding your voice, place & way for your future

  • an established Indie with a growing back catalog looking for new life

  • a large company managing creatives and needing wider distribution



No Hard SeLL. eVER.

Were You Invited?

Then you must possess potential and an industrious spirit. If you are a creative, you are probably determined and think independently. If you work with them, you respect and value these qualities that exist in most people involved in the Arts & Media.

At Pindify, we celebrate determination & independent thinking.

'Indie' in the modern day context of the Arts has never screamed "independence" louder than it does at Pindify.


At Pindify, you are now the one in control.


Get Started

You are the only one holding you back.




The Pindify Difference

Pindify vs Mainstream Streaming Services

What's the main thing missing from online platforms and services for artists?

  • A steady, direct, healthy revenue stream 
  • Transparency
  • True respect for artist's rights and IP
  • Forward thinking
  • Relationship nurturing


The main complaints from artists about streaming services are they:

  • Use inhouse, self-serving, promoters and influencers 
  • Distribute subscriber payments unevenly between providers 
  • Don't provide direct interactivity or relationships between artists and fans
  • Lack transparency
  • Don't pay enough to earn a living from

Pindify is not an evolutionary social network built around music.

It’s a revolutionary marketplace for all providers of the Arts & media.


streaming service

eg: Netflix, Audible, A-cast, Spotify
Designed to work with top level catalogs of traditional content. It's difficult to publish and promote new content. It doesn't offer diversified categories and the payment distribution is not balanced. There is little to no transparency. Definitely no true karma system.


Social Media

eg: Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter
Trite, biased algorithms, totally weighted on paid promoters and advertising, they become more hollow every day. Same old same old. Sensationalism over subject matter and quality. It's hard to organize or search for content and they don't offer subscription as a revenue stream to earn from fans.


Arts & Media mARKET

eg: Pindify & ? (no one!)
The market where both providers and consumers are in charge. Providers can be social, promotional and professional about their brand and their content. Consumers are in charge of where their subscription revenue is distributed. Karma is earned, literally, by Providers, Subscribers and even free users.


Pindify satisfies creative Providers and consumers. It's a 'win-win' scenario.

Providers of the Arts & media need to:

  1. Earn directly from existing fans.

  2. Earn directly from consumed content.

  3. Share ownership of content.

  4. Share ownership on portfolios.

  5. Organize all types of media within one portfolio.

  6. Publish legally and ethically, including rights and licensing.

  7. Have the option to either earn on or promote content.

  8. Distribute and promote content within a fair market.

Consumers of the Arts & media want to:

  1. Get special access, unique deals and be part of a community.

  2. Receive social updates and professional content in one place.

  3. Support their favorite providers by direct subscription.

  4. Have centralized streaming, sharing and commenting.

  5. Get curated content and have an influence over it.

  6. Enjoy variety of media from different provider in one place.

  7. Participate and communicate directly with providers.



The Solution?




We Created a Symbiosis for Providers & Consumers of The Arts & Media

Pindify creates a symbiosis for Providers (Pindify Members) of the Arts & media to coexist with consumers (Subscribers) and free users (Browsers ) just as they would in any commercial center. It's free to join Pindify and post social or promoted content, but as a paying Member, you can earn on the Subscriptions of your fans and also on your professional body of work ('content').


Subscription Costs

Subscription is $11/month (US) and after VAT and operational cost, the market distribution is about $9/month per Subscriber.


Revenue Earnings

Members can join together to share, or separately earn, from both portfolio-revenue and content-revenue.

  1. Portfolios earn ~$2/month for every invited Subscriber and ~$2.50/month for every Follower, divided by how many professional Portfolios the Subscriber follows.

  2. Content receives revenue on the percentage of time Subscribers read, view or listen to it.


Blockchain Technology

Pindify currently incorporates blockchain technology to facilitate legal dynamic ownership contracts with other providers, PROs, Aggregators and Labels/Agencies.


The Pindify Marketplace

It's easy for anyone to enter, interact and transact on the Pindify marketplace. The marketplace has a global and local feed for Providers to promote their content on, depending on the target audience (global or local). It's also regulated by a democratic ranking system to enforce quality (called Karma). It's free to support and view free or promoted content, but Subscribers paying a monthly subscription get exclusive access to premium Portfolio content, as well as full access to the entire marketplace.  



"No matter if you're a provider or supporter, with Pindify you empower
the creative progress of critical innovation by independently
connecting a new world of arts & media" 



Join the Revolution.