Pay $15/month
to become a:

The Merchant is a creator who can organise, publish and earn on their art, text, film and music. 

It's Free
to become a:

Free users can organise and post their work and engaged in the market, however if they want to earn or have all access they need to select and pay for one or more memberships.

Pay $11/month
to become a:

The Subscriber is a supporter who can view, read and listen to all content published on the market. By consuming content and following merchants they are in charge of  distributing their own subscription

Pay $69/month
to become a:

The Publisher is a company that legally represent creators’ work. By inviting their group of creators to become merchants 
Pindify‘s system automatically distributes the percentage of the creators revenue on their subscription, branding and trading.

Simply Put
No one is being left behind! Labels, Creators, Supporters and Browsers
are all welcomed to Pindify's marketplace.