Your membership page is where you control which type of membership you want to use. There are several different options tailored to fit every different kind of provider and subscriber.

If you are a free user you have access to everything which as marked as ”free” on Pindify. You can also comment, like, unite and follow people as you like.

With a basic membership you can upload your content to Pindify and earn money on subscribers, views and merchandize, amongst other things. The only thing with the basic option is that you can’t see what the other wonderful providers on Pindify are doing. If you want access to all that Pindify has to offer you’ll need a premium plan. With premium you can upload, follow, consume, create, like, unite and use Pindify to its full potential. If you are a big content provider and need to be linked to lots of portfolios you’ll need the premium+ option which  gives you the option to be linked up to 30 different portfolios.

You can delete your account at the bottom of this page. This page is also where you update your billing information if you want to, as well as show your past invoices.

Membership plans.png