Aside from promotional or free entertainment on social media, you're are probably finding new ways to make a living writing articles, making music, producing film, designing art, recording podcasts and more. This great emerging trend demands a broad, transparent and organized market with a fair payment system. That's why Pindify tailored a platform for clear system of publication, distribution and monetization of your social, promotional and professional digital content.  

Gather yourself

Sharing your work on many online services is important, but to gather and organize all your content into different categories into one portfolio that you can share with your supporters will have a great impact on your overall presentation.


Empower your trademark

Invite supporters and media to your portfolio and share your content on social media with tasteful frequency. Promote some content on the market. Choose between “Free”, “Earn” or “Promote” when you publish, and set a strategy to earn karma or revenue.

Amplify your work

Content you publish on the web will be organized in your portfolio, published on the market feed, in the home feed of your followers and distributed on most devices. The global and local market feed displays content from profiles with a qualified  ranking to establish a democratic quality. 


Earn directly

Earn a a guaranteed minimum for every subscriber who signs up with your invite-link or selects you as an inviter on the sign-up process. Receive revenue for every subscriber who follows you. Earn revenue on content that you published as “earn” that a subscriber watches, read or listens to.


Simply Put
Finally a marketplace where you can mix your likability, creativity and hard work
to earn and amplify your own trademark and creative content. It's truly up to you.