Step 1: Click publish card.

Enter the information about what you want to publish here. Don’t forget to choose which portfolio you want to post from.  


Step 2: Choose Audio.

Here you can choose between posting a post, audio, video, image or text. After choosing audio you also have to select what type of audio. Choose song.


Step 3: Upload song.

Now you have the option to upload, link or import. By linking audio you can share something from Soundcloud, however you can only earn money from content uploaded to Pindify. Choose import if you want to upload multiple files at the same time.

Supported formats for uploading: MP3.

Supported websites for linking: Soundcloud.


Step 4: Name the song and categorize it.

Name your song and share something about it if you want. You can put whatever you want here. Don’t forget to choose the mood and era that represent your song best and add tags. It’ll help people find it easier.


Step 5: Add co-owners.

Have you worked with anyone while producing the song? Just add them as co-owners and they can automatically share the earnings. Super simple.


Step 6: Choose whether your content is free or not.

Here you choose whether your song should be available for all users or subscribers only.

If you choose free you won’t earn anything on this publication.


Step 7: Publish.

You're all set. Start earning.

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