Market Trend 

To survive the rapid transition to a direct-to-consumer future, companies across the Entertainment & Media (E&M) sector need an effective fan-centric strategy — or risk decline and irrelevance. Pindify is in the Arts & Media (A&M) market.

A few recent, seemingly disparate, events illuminate the seismic shifts occurring in entertainment and media (E&M). When basketball superstar Kobe Bryant announced his retirement from the NBA on November 29, 2015, it occurred not on a major sports network but via social media and the Players’ Tribune, an athlete-centric digital publisher. That same month, CBS — which like NBC, FOX, and ABC is trying to grow viewership outside of traditional pay-TV — announced plans to revive Star Trek, one of its best-known franchises, exclusively on CBS All Access, its new subscription video on-demand service. Fox declared it will no longer track same-day TV ratings; rather, it will report on program viewership occurring after three and seven days, responding to the prevalence of on-demand viewing. Mobile operators like AT&T and Sprint responded to users’ surging demand for streaming video by emphasizing their unlimited wireless data offerings in their marketing and subscriber acquisition efforts. And some of the hottest-selling gifts in the holiday season of 2015, were streaming video devices and smartphones.

These developments foreshadow the E&M industry’s rapid transition to a direct-to-consumer world, where most content will remain the same — at first, anyway — but the packaging and distribution will change significantly. Specifically, the expansion of digital technology, manifested in more ubiquitous fixed and wireless network connectivity enabling growing numbers of connected devices and new routes to the user, is altering the industry’s structure, driving new ways to produce, distribute, and monetize content across its landscape. Providers can more readily pursue opportunities outside traditional studios and distribution channels. Consumers have far more content to choose from, available to them at any time, in any mix, through many more delivery options and devices. In every corner of E&M, empowered users are gravitating to brands, experiences, and platforms that are differentiated as much by the quality of their curation, customization, and convenience as by the quality of their content.

No longer is it enough to develop content solely to attract eyeballs, seeking the largest audiences possible for advertising and subscription revenues. Now, you must create fans: active users united by shared ideas, interests, and experiences, who will return every day to your brands and properties. As a fan-centric business, buoyed by the loyalty of passionate users, you will command substantial strategic advantages. You will know more about who your users are, what they want, and how to deliver what they want. This will enable you to monetize your products and experiences more effectively and more broadly.

Current fans recruit new fans. Best of all, fans spend more per capita and are less likely to churn. In every E&M sector, disruptive companies are racing against incumbents to drive fan value — to be the first to deliver what users want, perhaps even before it is clear they want it. In 2016, the pace will accelerate. Any companies hoping to join the fray will need to be better than the competition at locking up fan engagement, loyalty, and spending, and at investing in efforts that drive fan value.


The problem

Providers of arts and media already have many services to communicate directly to their fans today. There is no need for artists — nor demand from their audience — to simply connect on another network whose sole claim to fame is that it looks cool. 

Providers of arts and media need clear communication married to revenue streams from their audiences.

At the same time, complaints are that streaming services:

  • Keep promotional influences firmly in-house.
  • Distribute subscribers’ payments unevenly between providers.
  • Do not provide direct interactivity or special relations.

The need 

Providers of arts & media market needs to:

  1. Monetize directly from consumed content and existing fans.

  2. Organize both ownership of content and portfolios of all types of media.

  3. Distribute content under controlled settings and licensing with the option to either earn or promote via a fair market reached on every device.

The Solution

The fullstack (all devices) market-platform supports providers of arts & media to attract their audience with personal interactions and straightforward transactions.

Pindify simply administers the attributes of a social marketplace for free, providing, subscribing and premium members, with a gross margin of 9% on subscription and 30-50% on membership.

The service primarily offers providers of arts & media to organize, distribute, and monetize. By inviting, engaging and converting their fans into subscribers, the audience will empower, connect and get all access to the marketplace


Pindify is a revolutionary marketplace
for all providers of arts & media.



ARTS service

Library of streamed content with some shared payments and good security.




Forum with easy publication
and good communication




Arts & Media mARKET

Market with easy & secured publication with the option to promote or earn. 

Market Strategy

According to a five-year outlook released by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) on June 13, 2016, global entertainment and media revenues are expected to rise from $1.7 trillion in 2015 to $2.1 trillion in 2020. *

Pindify will organically grow and reach the enormous market potential, by incentivising  providers to earn from inviting subscriber from their current fanbase. Smaller fanbases are often more dedicated and should have a higher conversion rate, hence we don’t need the largest stars in the beginning. By making it super easy for providers to invite their fans via the “hook” and other members with the “onboarding” Pindify invitation process are smooth and airtight.  

In order to reach providers of arts & media Pindify is currently teaming up with General Agents in specific areas around the world. Incentives by directly or via ambassadors earn revenues on inviting members and their invited subscribers, the GAs are in charge of the local operations and the organisation of ambassadors.

Ambassadors are social butterflies with great connections in certain areas of arts & media. They are provided with specific instructions, sales tools and invite links to engage their clients and their fans to start using Pindify. Ambassadors are incentivised by earning revenues on inviting members and their invited subscribers.

Enterprises represents larger labels, media houses, agencies, publishers and studios, can set up an unlimited amount of page-portfolios to turbo-effect the number invites. They share portfolio-revenue with their members and content-revenue with the co-owning publishers.

Businesses represents independent labels, magazines, tv/radio channels, managers, smaller publishers, can set up 30 portfolios increase the context and attraction of Pindify. They mainly earn by sharing portfolio-revenue with their members and in some cases content-revenue with the co-owning publishers.

Merchants represents musicians, journalists, authors, hosts, etc, can set up 3 portfolios and be apart of endless of portfolios representing their band, magazine or other groups. By inviting other co-owners or other members it will increase the number of providers on Pindify.

To excel portfolios or content shared and parsed into other social media with a consistent reminders, Pindify will connect some select providers with a stabile fanbase, with a PR-firm to create the best context via  interviews, blogs and videos.

Pindify will aim to have a few providers reach a “Proof of concept” e.g a artist making more on Pindify than other DSPs or a podcaster starting reach real subscribers. Once the proof is evident we have enough to provide the story and write articles about it and share with industry media.

As fans spend more time on their digital devices, they feel more personally connected to their favorite artists, stars, athletes, and fellow fans — so much so that they crave more live, direct interactions with them. A great deal of evidence supports this. Touring and festivals are now the lifeblood of the music industry. And video gaming (aka “e-sports”) has become a live event phenomenon where fans pack arenas to watch others play competitively. Once a healthy number of interactions in certain areas are reached, Pindify will partner cafe’s and hostels on behalf of branding Pindify while providing solid stream of customers, gatherings and entertainment. Second Pindify will sponsor backstage areas for providers on arts and media events. Lastly Pindify will become a strong candidate for organizing tour events for arts & media.


The service for providers of arts & media, in detail.



Select from a free, providing, subscribing or premium membership. All members gets one unique profile-portfolio to edit, publish and collect content, but to earn revenue you need to select a providing or premium- membership.  

Free membership gives you access to post or access free content.

Providing membership ($5-69/m) gives you access to earn. The default ($5/m) allows you to create and own 3 page-portfolios and be a co-owner of 10 page portfolios. ($15/m) you can create and own 30 page-portfolios and be a co-owner of 100 page portfolios. ($69/m)  you can create, own and co-own unlimited page-portfolios.

Subscribing membership ($15/m) gives you all access to professional portfolios and content. 

Premium ($15/m) is a mix that allows you both earn and subscribe.   


To get started with your profile portfolio select if you are a company or a person and then enter your name, username, adress, age, location, email and set a password. 


Verify your account's data by connecting your email and phone number to the account with access codes. Verify your username by logging in and connecting other social media platforms. Each verification will increase your rank and give you access to publish professional content. 


Is your flight-tower to have full control over all your portfolio's and content's views, likes, comments, shares, invites, subscribing followers and payments. 


Pindify converts subscribers payment into Pindify's secured currently called "Jems" to facilitate distribution of invites, followers and consumption.

Each providing or premium member profile can request a payout of a €50 minimum and €5,000 maximum each week. In order to be able to receive a payout each profile needs to verify VAT/EIN number, SSN#/Passport number and will be be paid out to bank account/bitcoinwallet/paypal/payoneer/stripe/check.  


Portfolio ownership

Each created page-portfolio can be owned by up to 8 other profiles. Both profile- and page-portfolios can receive revenue from invited and following subscribers. Simply invite other profiles and set the % and the revenue will be directly distributed to them.    

Content ownership

Every created card that contains the publisher's content can be owned by up to 16 others. By selecting "earn" the cards can receive revenue from the consuming (view read, listen) subscribers. We're currently in process of connecting the blockchain ledger to verify the ownership of music and film.  

Edit portfolios

Profile portfolios

Profile portfolio is the personal you, who will be the person or company that will be the responsible publisher. It's the profile that chooses the membership and that will be able to gather the received revenue and request pay outs.  

Pages portfolios

Your portfolios may have different fans, for instance you may have solo career as podcaster as well as being apart of a band or magazine. By connecting with your members and co-owners you can easily set up a portfolio and publish your content together.

Portfolio display and feed

Think of Pindify's portfolio as a complimentary storefront for your arts & media. It's easier to edit than your website, more lucrative potential then you're social media page, and more social or promotional than your streaming services. 




The emerging trends demands broad and organized publications that matches the audience's feed. Pindify broadens the creative spectrums and offers providers of arts & media to simply import, link or upload audio, video, image, text and social posts publish portfolios.  

Professional content
To publish professional content the member needs to verify their mobile and email adress in account verification.

Prior to publish members can invite all rightful owners by setting their co-ownership %. Invites and updates to ownership needs to be accepted by the suggested co-owner. 

"Create card" is very easy, yet initially only possible via the web to minimize inflation of content. All content needs to be uploaded or created in order to be professional published and cannot be linked.

Free content
To promote or be social, Pindify offers you to post like any other social media. We also let you connect most social media to automatically post on to your portfolio and populate followers homefeed.

Free content is also great to for you or your fans to share onto their other social media sites to promote and invite more of your fans. 

All members of the Pindifys marketfeed can view and repost your free content which is a great way to introduce your trademark to your peers.  



The global and local market feed are mixed into one, but is based on geographically relevancy. The global market only allows content from portfolios with a ranking karma over 20 and the local market only allow karma over 10. Portfolios with lower karma can be searched for or directly reached by shared links.

The market feed has a content sequence algorithm that displays content evenly and according to priority of higher karma publishers. It also takes into account the type (earnable/promoted/free) category (audio, video, text, image) and trending (Most liked, Most viewed, Most shared, Most recent).


To secure quality on the market, Pindify built an algorithm that democratically ranks portfolios "Karma". Depending on the portfolios likability and the quality of its published content, portfolios content can be displayed on a local and a global market. 


It's easy for all providers to invite their fans and other providers to enter, interact and transact on the marketplace. By connect and relate with other portfolios you create clusters that can be relate your fans to each other to grow on the marketplace.


All published content and portfolios can be searched for and filtered. Content can be viewed on the owners portfolio and on the home feed for followers.

The pinned content is found under "stash". All content can added to list cards and a personal library. 


Filter function provide results from a bundled search of categories, subcategories, mood, subject, era, location, date and time as well as tags. Consumers can use the filter handler or directly click on the content description to filter out an area of content requested.

The market feed also matches every consumers settings and behavior with the settings of each content with a collaborative filter algorithm.


The search function finds all content or profiles by name or by direct searches of categories such as @Profiles, #Tags, *Media, +Collection, $Business and !Connect.




Subscription is $11/month (USA) and after VAT and operational cost, the market-distribution is about $ 9/month from each subscriber.

Pindify truly believes that subscribing fans are more incentivized by your relationship, context, social media and content, then merely getting a library of content at a low streaming price.

Pindify is further fully aware of that your fans want you to be directly paid for what they consume and have selected access to, instead of sharing their payment everyone total plays.

Pindify also understands that your subscribing fans wants the option to access other sweet providers of arts & media with ease. The subscriber also want to make sure they're paying depending on their engagement. So

Pindify dynamically divides the market-distribution into portfolio and content revenue. The portfolio revenue is your income received from invited and following subscribers, and content revenue is from people viewing, listening or reading your content. It's dynamic if a subscriber for instance doesn't consume any professional content during one month all the market-distribution goes to yours and others portfolio revenue. 

Portfolio Revenue

Being a part of a page portfolio, or separately as a profile portfolio you can earn portfolio revenue. Each portfolio earns about $2.15/month for every invited subscriber and about $2.15/month for every follower divided by how many professional portfolios the subscriber follows. 


Select the portfolio you would like to invite from. Use direct-links, emails or social post to connect with your fans to your hook, content or portfolio. Once the invited user register, they select who invited them, which is pre-populated with your portfolio. To invite other providing members use the on-boarding or co-ownership and connect. 


Each invite will automatically become your follower. By using your skills promoting your content, curating great material and connecting, you will grow your ranking and cluster and reach new potential followers on the market. 

Content Revenue

Imported or uploaded images, audios, videos and texts set to "earn" becomes professional content that receives revenue by how many percentage of time a subscriber spend reading, viewing or listening per month.

You always have the option to update your published content and set for free to promote it, or change co-ownership %. 

Content must have one responsible owner and can have multiple co-owners that must at least have a merchant membership to cash out.


Pindify is determined to expand your income with our future solution branding.It offers you to work together with companies whose market segment matches the your fans. You will have the option to select beneficial offers from companies, to brand or sell their products or services on your content or portfolios. 


To make the portfolios fill up with content and services to further empower you to monetize on your trademark, Pindify will offer an e-commerce of product and service. Products such as tickets, downloads and merchandise will be offered directly on the market and in


Pindify’s platform of content provides a perfect fit for your fans to fund or invest in your upcoming projects and Pindify will also offer a hire, bookings and events services to provide the very best one stop shop for your fans.


Fun Facts

The word 'Pindi' is the act of by placing decorative rocks on a shrine to bless Sakshi, the Hindu feminine goddess of creativity. 'Pindify' has the same meaning, but in a digital sense using a verb.

The logo is actually the top of a safety pin with a pin hole in the middle, to use the same symbols that fans use to pin their favorite logos on to their clothing.

The Budget

Pindify’s revenue target is set to reach $100m/year at the end of 2020.  At this point in time Pindify will have 200k merchants and business members with a total of 3.3m subscribers. Revenues are collected from membership & subscription payments as well as our branding-, trading- and funding services. 

The Exit

Pindify’s primary target is to go public when we have reached our $100m/year net revenue target. Alternatively, Pindify, as a hot acquisition target, may alternatively be bought out by the incumbents even before reaching its current milestones. There are many giants in the Entertainment industry would consider acquiring a market platform to fully utilize their content and branding partners. Examples of potential buyers are NBC Universal, CBS Corporation, CC Media Holdings, Cox communication and Time Warner. 


“We believe that the creative content industry is on the cusp of dramatic revenue growth as it emerges from a period of massive disruption.” “There are billions of fans engaged with art, text, film and music online making it the most engaged class of content online – we believe the company best positioned to help creators can take advantage ” - Hany Nada, partner at Silicon Valley based  GGV Capital.

Current State

Pindify’s production is now ready to launch it's platform and enter the market. The platform is a full-stack environment (web, responsive and app) build with ruby on rails and consists of systems such as payment processing, subscription-distribution, content-, portfolio- and sales-handling. Admin-system that handles content, users, global verification, flag and error reports. Media player with radio- cue-functionality with a CMS to import, link, upload data. CRM that analyses users behavior and wants. APIs connecting e.i. Vimeo, Facebook and Soundcloud etc. 
Futures tasks to be build in correlation with growing number of members, are: branding-, trading- and fundraising-systems. 


Christoffer Bolinder Wallin, Chief Executive Officer

Pindify was founded by Artist, Economist and Developer Christoffer in 2012.  
To minimize cost and maximize the time to accumulate the clear vision, he spent 2 years full time writing the strategy and designing the blueprint prior to production in June 2014. In 2011, He founded Jamclouds  “The collaborative online platform for musicians to unite and collaborate in a real time online studio”. Between 2007 and 2011, Christoffer served as a Developer and Project manager at BTS; a global leader in building strategy alignment and execution through the use of business simulations and experiential learning programs. He developed and managed the following projects.

  • The Technical Training Portal for The Coca Cola Company.
  • The Strategy alignment platform for Cox Communications. 
  • The Communication platform for Sun Microsystems merger Oracle 
  • The Execution and Impact portals for PMI, Logica, DHL, Ericsson and  EADS.
  • The Ecological Impact Simulation for Swedish Export Council ( Symbiocity.org) 
  • The BTS Global Tournament
  • The Strategic Financial Acumen Platform for HP
  • The Leading With Distinction portal for AT&T 
  • The Business Tournament EVOL for Aol. 

Christoffer is an active Musician, who’s created over 60 songs and has been the lead singer for 5 bands. In 2010 he received the “Golden Ticket” from the TV-production Swedish Idol. In 2006, Christoffer founded the social community “Backstage” that organized fans and promoted local artist with larger headliners. In 2004,  he received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics with Honors of Highest Distinction, from University of Utah, Minoring in Business Marketing at David Eccles School of Business.
In 2000, he received the Green Beret from the Swedish Airborne Rangers, K3

Volodymyr Vorobiov: Chief Technical Officer
Vlad is leading our growing development team and managing the roll out of our web and mobile applications and customized IT infrastructure. He has over 17 years experience in web development and systems integration, leading teams in industries such as e-commerce and education.  

Tomas Wallin: Chief Financial Officer
Tomas is in charge of the business administration and the financials. Tomas is serial-entrepreneur. He has started and operated several companies in Europe, USA and the Far East. Tomas has industry experience that ranges from Telecom, Broadcast Media, Hotels, Travel Industry and Accounting Services to Construction Companies

Oskar Gillström: Chief Sales Officer
Founder Imagine in Sweden in 1999 that has built up expertise across the spectrum of meeting and event production. Experienced in organising events for governments and companies, Imagine comprises a team of highly-skilled individuals. It was voted “Best Event Marketing Agency” in Sweden’s Agency of the Year Awards organised by market analysis experts Regi in conjunction with Swedish newspaper, Dagens Industri, in 2009 and 2010 consecutively.  After a merger with MCI, Oscar Gillström, the CEO of Imagine, joined MCI as Director of Meetings & Events at MCI Scandinavia in 2011 until current. Oskar joined Pindify in 2015 after forseeing the immense possibilities of building a powerful international sales group of General Agents and Ambassadors for Pindify.

Mikael Friberg: Chief Marketing Officer

Working for the advertising agency as Fältman & Malmén, being the creative director at Svenska Spel (largest games & betting company in Sweden) and his own operations RAF and then Grand, since 1985, after having first graduated from Bergh's School of Communication, Micke turned to becoming a respected senior adviser, ie adviser and driver, to management teams and marketing departments at companies around Sweden and the world. Mikael Friberg furthermore published his management bookd with Printz Publishing in 2013 called "Super Easy", explaining the acts of positioning and brand building. Today Pindify has the great privilege of putting his knowledge on display by formalizing Pindify's marketing strategy and to strengthen our brand and create a clearer way forward for our clients and their customers.

Mathias Mattsson: Chief Design Officer
After 5 years working at the highly ranked, worldwide advertising agency DDB. Being the Head of communicative design at Eton a global leading shirt maker. And the director of design at Grau Design Agency in Stockholm that creates exciting and useful design solutions for clients such as SEB, Vattenfall, Bukowskis, Swedavia and Storytel to name ja few. We are amazed with the extensive digital design and attention to detail Mathias has empowered Pindify's products to match our services to the market.   


The ICO-Pitch

The ICO-Pitch

Company and Contacts

Pindify S.A.R.L registered in Luxembourg 2012. 

Christoffer Bolinder Wallin
skype: stoffer66
mobile: (+1) 801 649 8389
email: stoffe@pindify.com
location: Salt Lake City, UT. USA

Tomas Wallin
skype: tomasw0304
mobile: (+48) 694 458 886
email: tw@pindify.com
location: Krakow. Poland

"No matter if you're a provider or supporter, with Pindify you empower
the creative progress of critical innovation by independently
connecting a new world of arts & media"