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"That's just how it is for artists and people producing media these days. There's no money in it."

Not Anymore!



Let the Revolution Begin!

Creative People NEED To make a living USING their talent.

Not enable others to make a living from their talent, while they live a life of poverty, trying to survive and create an income by having a 'day job'. Let alone having the energy left to 'create', or the will, or, the priceless, enigmatic mojo.

Something had to give in the market.

That something, is Pindify.


We need YOU to help spread the word about Pindify out into the world.


Perhaps it is through your existing networks, or you may have warm leads that you can follow. We trust you and have invited you to be a Pindify Ambassador, because we know that you have what it takes, and that you believe in the future benefits that Pindify can bring, plus you have connections, or just the right know-how and nouse to approach the right people, who will benefit and bring richness and 'goodness' to Pindify, and will be rewarded for doing so. Just like you will be for introducing them to the solution that is Pindify. They're gonna love you!  They're gonna love Pindify. We hope you do too.


There is no hard sell with Pindify.

Not only do we not have to (Pindify's marketplace and framework sells itself), but it is also our philosophy that we do not want to be 'heavy handed', forceful, obtrusive, rude or shallow. We are not like the rest.

That's what makes Pindify the solution.

No one has done this before. Put in place a market that is designed to revolve around the Arts and media, and all who create works of art, pieces of media, or businesses and networks that support them. Pindify is also for the fans, the supporters, and the peers. It's a community. It's a much needed change (desperate even).

It's a revolution.

Unlike others, we are using technology to liberate creatives. Instead of abusing their creations and body of work, we are allowing them to take control of it, and even just as importantly, to profit from it. Directly.


As a Pindify Ambassador, you are an integral part of the solution.


Welcome to the revolution.



Introduction to Pindify for Ambassadors

Pindify is not 'just another social media platform', with streaming capabilities.

It is a revolutionary marketplace. Built primarily for creatives of the Arts & media, and their supporters.

Our marketplace resembles that of any commercial shopping center. It’s free to browse around, be social and share stories with any member. But in order to earn money as a Provider of Arts and media content on this 'marketplace', you must become a paying member. You can share freely, with other free users of Pindify (and paying Subscribers and premium Providers), but you will not be eligible to earn revenue from any content you share. You must also have all the rights to share content, regardless of whether you are making earning revenue from it or not. We are going to be doing all we can, using our integrity, as well as the latest technology (including blockchain) to protect artist's rights and intellectual property.



But What Can you DO on Pindify?

Current Functionality includes:

  • Uploading Media Cards of music, video, text & other content
  • Stashing, Sharing and Organizing content
  • Following, Liking and Commenting
  • Sending out Invitations
  • Page and Portfolio Creation & Development
  • Sharing to Social Media
  • Uniting with people!


Coming soon:

So much more functionality is on the way for Pindify!

  • Trading
  • Funding
  • Branding
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain



How Is Pindify Changing the World for Creatives?


Pindify's strategy is to organically grow and reach the enormous market potential by incentivizing creative providers to earn revenue from subscribers that they invite with special linked invitations that connect the subscriber directly with their account. The subscriber may come from their current fanbase, or they may be new fans, or even 'neighbour subscribers' introduced through the Pindify marketplace, by content discovery or by collaborating with another Provider or marketplace partner.


Target Audiences

As an Ambassador - Who Would Make a Good Provider to Earn Revenue From?

Small fan bases are often more dedicated and have a higher subscription will n conversion rate. So the people you invite don't have to be superstars. Remember that all new subscribers, if signed up through your channel, will generate revenue for you.




it's How You Earn

Being Connected to your Client's Subscribers is how you Earn Revenue

Providers invite fans, supporters and peers to become future Subscribers to their Profile or Portfolio using their unique Invitation link. It can be sent automatically through Pindify's 'Invite Member' screen, or sent manually, through social media links or by copying the link into an email or text message.

The future Subscriber clicks on the Invitation Link and is taken to a Pindify invitation page that is hosted by the Provider (your client). The page welcomes them with a personal, tailored message from the Provider, along with their image and branding (if they choose to not use generic Pindify branding). The page is filled with information about Pindify, incentives to join and simple steps of how to accept the invitation and join Pindify. The invitee will be able to view, read or listen to all open content on the Pindify marketplace, but will be asked to sign in to access the Provider's Portfolio or when trying to Like, Comment or Pin content. 

Accepting Provider Invitations & Joining Pindify

Upon signing in, the system will ask who invited them. If the custom invitation link was used, this field will be pre-populated with the Provider's information. The user then sets up their Pindify account.

After adding some account information they choose to proceed as a free, subscribing or premium member. If they select subscribing or premium subscription the inviting portfolio will make a monthly guaranteed earning of 25% out of $9 (USA) from the subscribers market distribution ( subscription - variable cost). If you invited the provider owning the inviting portfolio you will receive revenue depending on how much your invited providers ownership of the portfolios. 



Your Incentive 

Our Philosophies

Firstly, a quick outline of our philosophy at Pindify. It's very important to us.

An ambassador should never oversell or make cold calls to providers of arts & media, nor should they blast commercials for Pindify subscription. In contrast, you as an ambassador are handpicked by us to respectfully and at your own pace introduce and invite providers of arts & media from a network you see fit. Hence; to invite musicians, producers, writers, podcasters, influencers, journalists, magazines, labels, radio/tv channels, media-groups, etc, should only be based on your good relations that providers can trust.


Subscription Revenue

Part of our philosophy is also to ensure that everyone can prosper. We want to make sure you can earn a healthy revenue. Pindify offers you a large portion for inviting clients (Providers) and smaller portion from your client's customers (Subscribers). *

(The below example is based on clients and customers registering from the USA using dollars with it's specific variable cost)

  1. Providing members pay between $5-$69/month for membership depending on how many portfolios they acquire. 
  2. Subscribing members pay $11/month for a subscription
  3. Premium members pay $15/month for a mix of membership and subscription. 

Inviting a client (to become a Provider)

  • Inviting a client who selects a membership as a: 
    • Provider with up to 4 Portfolios paying $5/month you'll earn about $1.9/month
    • Provider with up to 30 Portfolios paying $15/month you'll earn about $6.5/month
    • Provider with unlimited Portfolios paying $69/month, you'll earn about $30/month
    • Provider with both 4 Portfolios and all access paying $15/month (Premium Member), you'll earn about $4.3/month


Your client's invitations (to Subsequent Providers or Subscribers)

  • When your client's Portfolio invites a customer:
    • If your client owns 100% of the Portfolio inviting the Subscribers, you will earn ¢28.7/month from every Subscriber
Note: Your client's Portfolios will earn $2.25/month per invited Subscriber.
  • When your client's Portfolio (a Provider) invites another client (Provider) who own 100% of the Portfolio that's being invited by your client, then on: 
    • an invited Provider paying $5/month, you'll earn about $1.9/month
    • an invited Provider paying $15/month you'll earn about $6.5/month
    • an invited Provider paying $69/month, you'll earn about $30/month
    • an invited Premium Member paying $15/month, you'll earn about $4.3/month
Note: Your clients will not receive any income for inviting a Provider
  • When your client's invited client's Portfolio invites a customer (Subscriber) 
    • If both your client and his/hers invited client owns 100% of the Portfolio that invites the Subscriber, you will earn ¢28.7/month
Note: Your client's Portfolio will not receive any income, unless they share ownership in the invited client's Portfolios, and will receive $2.25/month per invited subscribing customer.

Start Plan - Ready Steady GO!

  1. Make sure you use the unique link that was provided to you by Pindify's representative or Agent to register. 
  2. Register with your unique username.
    1. If you're already a Pindify Member, please create a new account and use another username
      • this is required to separate the two accounts between Ambassador and Member
    2. Select your location
    3. Create a password
  3. Edit your Portfolio with a background image and an avatar and add a few details about you
  4. Select Manage Account and verify your account via email and mobile
  5. Use the Invite button located on the frame
  6. Select role Provider and write a personalized message (this will become your default message until changed again)
  7. Check the box to use your Portfolio's background image and avatar on your invitation
  8. Share your link on your network and social media; copy the link, say it in person or insert into email or text
  9. Learn more below about how you can help Providers incentivize fans to become Subscribers and earn money
  10. Ensure your clients reach a Proof of Concept
  11. Select Manage Invites to view the status of your invites
  12. Select Manage Account and verify your VAT number or 1099
  13. Select Manage Pay Out to send an invoice to Pindify
  14. Be responsible for your country's legal & taxation regulations
  15. Have fun!



Your Client's Incentives (the future Pindify Provider)

Why Pindify? Simply to create a marketplace where providers of arts & media can interact and transact on equal terms with their supporters, and where the distribution of subscription payments to providers is as clear and easy as the distribution of content to subscribers. Pindify's short term goal is to offer 300,000 Providers a median revenue of $3000/month which can be reached if every provider average 333 invited subscribers. To further make sure we reach that median of revenues Pindify will also offer trade, funding and selective branding on portfolios and on the market. But until then, we need to make a clear incentive to our clients (Providers) to get started. 


Some of the most desirable and important elements and functionality that Pindify offers Providers is the ability to:

  • Organize

  • Engage

  • Profit



Manage Everything 

Providers can select or manage membership. Set and verify account details via mobile and emails. Create and manage page portfolios. Get detailed analytics. Request payouts, manage, publish, privacy, notification, view settings. Manage copyrights with blockchain. 

Edit Portfolios 

Business entity or personal profile portfolios are unique and generally own 100% of the Portfolio. Page portfolios allows several owners and the percentage can be distributed as desired. Both profile and page portfolios are the "stores" from which providers can invite, present, and sell their art & media to fans. 

Distribute Ownership 

Providers can invite, connect and assign the ownership on page portfolios to distribute invite and following revenue directly to all the owners. The portfolio owners are per default the owners of the published content but can be changed to directly or additionally share the revenue to the rightful owners of the content.




Publish Content

Pindify broadens the provider's creative spectrum with easy import, link or upload audio, video, image, text, live and social media. Any member can use Pindify to post free content for all members. Verified providers have the option to upload and publish premium content that is paid for and only accessible by subscribers. 

  Connect Exclusively

Published content is displayed on the provider's portfolio and automatically populates their followers' home feed. So by publishing exclusive behind-the-scenes material and offering special events to their subscribers, they will get an incentive to start following the provider's portfolio. 

Promote quality

Apart from portfolios and followers' homefeed, the next step to amplify content is on the market. The market is divided into a global and local market. The market will be mixed into one feed but is based on geography and ranked relevancy. New subscribers on the market can access and pay for provider's content and by following their portfolio. 



Profit icon icon (1).png


Invite fans

When a subscriber signs up they will be asked who invited them. They can select a portfolios name in a drop down, which is prepopulated with the provider's name if the subscriber used the provider's invite link. It will also be populated if the user enters the portfolio prior to signing in. For every subscriber a portfolio (profile or page) invites, a guaranteed 25% of the market distribution is provided to the portfolio monthly. 

Grow followers

Every invited user automatically becomes the portfolio's follower, but after they enter the market it's up to the subscriber who they would like to follow. 25% of the market distribution is divided amongst the portfolios they follow. So if the subscriber follows 10 merchant portfolios, each portfolio gets 2.5% of the market distribution. That means that you can receive income from other subscribers that you did not invite. 

Reach Consumers

Imported or uploaded images, audio, video and text flagged as 'earn' becomes premium and receives revenue on the amount of time that subscribers read, view or listen to it. The revenue is distributed monthly. So if a subscriber spends 100% consuming the providers premium content, the provider will receive 50% of the market-distribution from that subscriber.



Member Types 

 In order to service everyone on the market we have several member options. To offer a clear focus for new user’s selection they're separated by either a direct link or by initial questions. Here is an outline of the membership and their incentive structure:


Earn (Grow the market)
Change the entertainment industry to an open free market of arts & media.
Empower the providers to publish, promote, and earn globally by helping them invitie more subscribers. 
Earn by engaging with the country team and start inviting merchants or businesses of arts & media

Free Member

Free  (Testing the site out)
Explore the market’s free or promoted arts & media to collect, comment and share. 
Learn how engage with the creative community and grow on the global market.  
Promote a portfolio of content or promote favorite artist work to get a higher ranking.

Star icon icon (1).png


$5-$69/month excl. vat
Publish art & media, events and social content into categorized Media Cards in a Portfolio. 
Promote creative content on a large ranked market, channeled through all devices. 
Earn up to $9/month per subscriber who are invited, follows and consumes the portfolios content.

Play button icon icon.png


$11/month incl. vat
Discover, collect and share arts & media content in a Portfolio
Access premium content on the marketplace. 
Connect to get closer and receive exclusive offers and material fromfollowed portfolios. 
Empower favorite creators by being in charge of your subscription.


Premium Member

(Provider & Subscriber rolled into One)

$15/month excl. vat
Publish art & media content, events and social content into categorized Media Cards in a Portfolio. 
Earn up to $9/month per subscriber who is invited, and then Follows and consumes this Portfolio's content.
Empower favorite creators by being in charge of your subscription.



Invite structure 

The "sales management tool" provides a great way for you to email, social share or directly give specific invite links to providers of arts & media. Your clients can also invite by promoting their content on social media. The tool will monitor all invites and their membership status. It will also present to you how much you've earned as an ambassador.

Start by inviting clients who will be future Pindify Providers that represent the Arts & media industry in some way.

When you invite a business that represents management and promotional agencies, radiostations, magazines and vendors. Even when you invite larger publishers, labels and studios that represents many merchants or large have catalogs of content. They will be sent to an onboarding page : 

Provider Types - Business

Portfolio Structures, Strategy & Alliances for Provider types that are Business and Influencers (versus the Creative types).

The businesses will either create portfolios and invite their providers to co-own, or  invite them to start their own portfolios and request co-ownership according to contract. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 9.38.46 AM.png

The businesses can assist their providers by inviting fans to their portfolio and promote or sell their content. The group effort will most likely assure a larger traffic to their providers.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 9.54.04 AM.png

Sending Invitations

It doesn't matter if you or your client invites people to Pindify.

There are several ways to send invitations: 


Member Invite - Direct or via Email

Your client invites another member using Pindify's Invite form. 

& then sends it Via Email

The link will lead to Pindify's Sign Up Page
- and your client (or you) will be linked to that invitation

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 2.56.37 PM.png

Fan invite - via Social Media

Your client invites their fans using Pindify's Invite form, tailored for Subscribers

Via Socials


The link will lead to your Client's Custom Pindify Sign Up Page
- and your client (or you) will be linked to that invitation

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 2.59.53 PM.png

Promotional Invite 

Your clients promote their content directly, outside of Pindify

Via Socials

To their content on their Pindify Portfolio or Page

direct invite

Your clients share their portfolio 

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 2.18.18 PM.png

Via meeting fans or other members

To their portfolios

Short Term Focus
Creative Providers such as writers, bands, artists, bloggers, podcasters, designer etc. may become more fast and fruitful since they are closer to their fans and works directly with you. 

Long Term Focus
Inviting Business & Influencer Providers with a great introduction, instruction and an action plan is more time consuming but more likely to have a larger success than inviting each provider individually. 

You and your client's Portfolios will start earning revenue once your invites start being accepted and converting to paying Members (Subscribers).      


Subscription Distribution 

Subscribers are the cornerstone of Pindify’s transaction model. Its priority is aligned with Pindify’s market strategy, providing a great incentive structure for both the supply and demand of arts & media. All Pindify’s payments are dynamic depending on geographical area, but the subscription payment of $ 11/ month is the standard payment. Pindify's variable cost is $1.713 and the remaining $9.287 is distributed on the market's providers. The market distribution is divided into sales, invitation, following and consumption. 

  • Sales are ambassadors who’s directly or indirectly associated with portfolios invite, receives ¢28.7/month
  • Invitation: $2.25/month goes per invited subscriber. 
  • Following: $2.25/month per following subscriber divided by how many the subscriber follows. 
  • Consumption: $4.50/month times the percentage of time the subscriber spent consuming (view, read, listen) the merchant’s “earn” content relative to other cards.  

Merchants with many social media followers can monetize on exiting fans. Businesses with large catalogs can both promote and earn their content via consumption. Smaller merchants with dedicated fans can receive the full payment from each of their fans. Famous merchants can earn on by providing exclusive material to only following subscribers.  


Sales Distribution 

To fuel the spread of Pindify's services, you as an Ambassador need to be happy. General Agents are in charge of their geographical areas and organizing Pindify's marketing, sales and members in that region. By building a team of great Ambassadors that represents different categories such as music, podcasting, blogging etc and different genre's such as popular, indie, urban or alternative etc, we can pinpoint logical sales networks.


Direct invite client revenue 

There is of course incentives to invite many clients to get part of the subscription revenue, but Pindify does our best to make you happy and get you started by inviting members directly. The example below is your sales portfolios revenue per direct revenue and month.  


Portfolio Distribution

Portfolios on Pindify can be either Profiles or Pages. Profile Portfolios have only one owner and your sales portfolio will therefore acquire the invite-revenue directly. Page Portfolios can have several owners but are more likely to invite many subscribers. Under settings of the page portfolio owners can divide the revenue amongst each other. Your percentage revenue of ¢28.7/month from every invited subscriber will mirror the % your clients represents.



'RULES' - we're breaking most, but these are set in stone

Valid Membership Types to Earn Revenue on:

  • If your client registers as a free Member only: 
    • no money can be earned until the client upgrade their membership to a Provider
    • no money can be earned until the customer upgrades their membership to a Subscriber


  • If your client registers as a Provider, but:
    • downgrades his/her account to a free Member, the payout will stop
      • it will keep subscribers and ownership of portfolios connected
      • payout will continue once your client upgrades their membership to a Provider 
    • delete his/her account, the payout will stop
      • all connected subscribers and ownership in portfolios will be deleted 
    • invites a Subscriber who downgrades his/her subscription to a free member, the payout will stop
      • payment will continue when the account is upgraded to a paying Subscriber is done


  • No money can be earned by:
    • inviting subscribing customers directly
    • customers inviting clients or customers
    • a client's invited clients inviting a client

Note: You are responsible to pay taxes on your earnings as all the providers in their respective country




  • Writer example: You gather some writers, bloggers, journalists and 10 of them becomes your clients by selecting your name while registering as providing members paying $5/month. Some of them joins together and starts a magazine page-portfolio who invites 1000 subscribers paying $11/month. 3 of them starts a blog page-portfolio who successfully invites 3000 subscribers. The last of your invited client is an author that releases a book on her personal-portfolio and invites 2000 subscribers who gets access to the audiobook and e-book.
    You will earn $19/month (10*$1.9/month) from your clients and $1,722/month (6000*¢28.7/month) from you clients' subscribers. 
    • Your magazine clients can earn up to at least $9,000/month and a minimum guaranteed $2,250/month. 
    • Your blog clients can earn up to at least $27,000/month and a minimum guaranteed $6,750/month.
    • Your author client can earn up to at least $18,000/month and a minimum guaranteed, $4,500/month
  • Label Example: You invite 1 independent music label who creates 30 portfolios for their bands and invites their band members as free members with editing access. The label decides to own 100% of all portfolios and administrate the payouts internally. The label and the band members help each other to invite 4500 subscribers.
    You will earn $15/month (1*$6.5/month) from your client the label and $1,292/month (4500*¢28.7/month) from you clients' subscribers.
    • Your label client can earn up to at least $40,500/month and a minimum guaranteed $10,125/month. 
  • Podcast Example: You invite 50 independent podcasters that invites on average 300 subscribers each.
    You will earn $95/month (50*$1.9/month) from your podcasters client and $4,305/month (15000*¢28.7/month) from you clients' subscribers.
    • Your podcast clients can earn up to at least $2,700/month and a minimum guaranteed $675/month.
  • Mix Ownership Example: You invite 1 famous musician who is under contract with a label who was already invited by another ambassador. The contract between the label and the musician says that the musician owns and earns 50% of both surrounding sales and consumed content. The musician creates a page-portfolio and adds 50% of co-ownership to the label. That means that you and the ambassador invited the label will split the invite revenue into ¢14,35/month. However 10% of the musicians existing 60,000 social media followers and with the labels promotion 14,000 subscribers. 
    You will earn $1,9/month (1*$1.9/month) from your musician client and $2,009/month (14000*¢14.35/month) from you client's subscribers.
    • Your musician clients can earn up to at least $31,500/month and a minimum guaranteed $15,750/month. 

Market Strategy  

Pindify’s strategy is to grow from creator's quality to supporter's enthusiasm. It’s important that creators are satisfied with the services and the platform before they enlighten their fans. That’s why Pindify works towards a superior full stack technology platform with payments, powerful distribution and valued fan relations. Pindify will primarily offer providers a “market instrument” to engage their followers. Once providers convert enough followers into subscribers, the Pindify marketplace grows. 

Help - General Agents + Ambassadors + Providers

  1. To assist you, Pindify is represented by General Agents in cities where all types of Providers, along with related technology and supporters of the Arts & media exist.
  2. As an Ambassador, you'll be in charge of categories that you are most involved in, however you have the right to invite anyone with quality published content. 
  3. Each Provider will be provided a Pindify kit with introductions, instructions and a sales tool to maximize the conversion rate.
  4. Pindify will assist Providers to create a proof of concept where they in fact make more revenue on Pindify than other distribution channels. Once the proof of concept is set, Pindify together with the general agents and PR-firms will present the proof of concept media channels towards people within the entertainment industry. 
  5. Pindify will select and invite creators out of the 3000 existing signups we already have, where several Creative Providers have over 10,000 fans. We are further in dialog with already established bloggers, artist, podcasters and producers (Influencers) to invite and capitalize on large fanbases.
  6. Pindify together with Ambassadors are already communicating with indie-labels and agents in music, media houses and film studios to start inviting their artists and producers. 
  7. Email and social media strategies to engage creators to win great prizes each month for inviting most subscribers or publishing most liked material giving them the highest rank.  It will also remind previous users to interact more to provide that important vibrant energy on the marketplace.
  8. Local community managers will be appointed that both engage and support members.
  9. After reaching a significant user base, Pindify will propose to publishers such as radio stations, magazines and big labels to extend their revenue streams by simply using the market platform. 
  10. Place native advertisements in blogs, vlogs and podcasts to put Pindify on the map.
  11. Involve Pindify in music, film, or book festivals and sponsor their endeavours for awareness and future cooperation. 
  12. Start applying our digital service to the analog world, with hubs for creators in areas that represent Pindify the best.
  13. Areas with the most Provider Sign Ups will be provided with an open walk-in office, a physical presence for Pindify, which will be a cafe/lounge for Pindify’s Ambassadors and Providers to create and work.
  14. Cooperation deals with Hotels to offer our user base in exchange to have the Pindify’s Logo. 
  15. When we reach further awareness, we’ll offer exclusive festivals, only for our members, worldwide. Being a premium yearly subscriber will provide you free entrance. 



The Bond 

So why should any subscriber use Pindify’s service? We truly believe that no consumer will primarily search for our services, we are even sure that subscribers are not interested in us at all. But we do know about the almost religious bond between the consumers and their idols. Whether they are writers, musicians, artists, filmmakers or any type of creative, or even creative brand. To spontaneously organize a concert of the most exclusive fans, or maybe send out a prompt to stream the latest film, is a matter of a few keystrokes for the creators. We know this bond will create a quite unique conversion rate for this industry and it will continue growing our market place.

“40 percent of U.S. consumers…are responsible for 75 percent of music spending. These fans, who spend between $20 billion and $26 billion on music each year, could spend an additional $450 million to $2.6 billion annually if they had the opportunity to snag behind-the-scenes access to the artists along with exclusive content.” – Nielsen study, March 2013. 

Social spread 

To combine market growth with early revenue Pindify emphasis on creators incentive to earn per invited subscriber from their current fanbase. All content can be shared and parsed into other social media platforms in an instant. By empowering the creative class to amplify their connection with their supporters via social media, it will organically grow the marketplace. Metaphorically speaking; Pindify’s market will “bloom out” from creators to their supporters. 

It’s very easy to get access to shared content for visitors. Any visitor can view free and promoted material and also register as a browser to collect, communicate and consume limited content for free. However once they become a subscribers paying €11/month and get access to the entire market the invitation distribution will go to the person who invited the subscriber.



Want to Know More?

By now you hopefully have a good understanding of the role of an Ambassador at Pindify. Head over to the FAQ page or sign up yourself and start using Pindify! It's a great way to understand first hand what we are doing in this Arts & media revolution. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, 24/7.


Ambassador Contacts


Oscar Gillström
location: Stockholm, Sweden