Signing up as a provider (freelance)


Step 1: Are you a freelancer or a corporate creative? 

Are you an individual that will join others on Pindify click on freelancer and create your page portfolio once you’re in or are you representing a company or institution? Choose business. 


Step 2: Fill in information about yourself.

Put your name, line of business, country of residence and email in here, and choose your password.

Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions. 


Step 3: Confirm your email.

We sent you an email, go to your inbox and confirm it.


Step 4: Verify all info is correct.

Check an extra time to see all your info is correct.


Step 5: Where you invited by someone? 

Put the name of the ambassador or provider who invited you here.It will help your inviter earn revenue from you if you decide to become a subscriber.


Step 6: Choose your membership plan.

Choose what type of plan you would like. I’d recommend premium, so you can see what the other providers on Pindify has to offer. The basic plan gives you three free months to upload and set up your portfolio. 


Step 7: Fill in your credit card information.

If you’ve chosen the basic plan, we wont charge you anything until your free months are over, and you can cancel whenever you want to. 


Step 8: Done! 

Nice work! Start using Pindify now. The first thing I would do if I were you is set up my portfolio.