Pindex news week 50

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Pindify allows our Providers to manage a number of different Page Portfolios depending on their subscription plan. The primary portfolio is called the “Private Portfolio” (soon to be referred to as Personal Portfolio). Private Portfolios will mainly display publications for solo projects whereas, Page Portfolios are better suited for collaborative projects or other types of content or distinct projects separate to their main industry or brand. For instance, a Pindify Provider might want to try their hand at poetry and they have a photographer in mind that would like to publish their photos, so they make a Page Portfolio for their combined creative efforts and they agree to share earnings. Providers can use Page Portfolio for a solo project like a podcast, blog, magazine or whatever they like--all with a distinctive brand or feel. All members that contribute to the Page portfolio can edit and publish content using their own login, which allows them to designate different roles and permission rights. Awesome, right? This feature makes it easy for our creatives to collaborate and work together seamlessly. We’ve basically thought of everything to make it easier to monetize all your creative projects you’re juggling.

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