Pindex news week 7

Digital omnipresence is crucial to any industry looking for wider exposure and Pindify is the digital arts and entertainment platform that combines the functionality of all the most popular network channels with the most innovative strategies for monetizing premium content.

Our team is constantly working on optimizing the utility of the Pindify platform, which makes us excited to highlight the most recent upgrades we’ve implemented in the last few weeks.

If you are an end-user, there is no doubt that an easy sign-up process and good-looking design would play an important role in deciding what digital platform you want to use to publish your premium content. Research shows that end-users are more likely to become paying subscribers with platforms that demonstrate exceptional ease-of-use. And it is always more appealing when the product is visually sleek and sexy—so new designs to our landing page are coming shortly. Our sign-up process for end-users has been streamlined, so from sign up to publication, the process has a more seamless, organic feel. These updates mean our Pindify Providers are more likely to gain exposure and earn revenue for their content—in a shorter amount of time. Be Heard. Get Paid.

One more thing. We have released an updated version of Pindify for iOS and Android. A number of updates are included. Such as:

  • Followers/Follows list: You will be able to check out who’s following your portfolio and the portfolios you’re following.

  • Search button improvements: we’ve made a better-looking search button that allows you to search for things using hashtags, card names etc.

  • Search history: A small yet very important improvement is the implementation of search history. Whenever you look for something, you are able to see your search history.

All those features are making Pindify a better solution for our creative providers and their passionate supporters. The Pindex price depends directly on the usability of Pindify for fans and creators (our Pindify Providers), so our development team is constantly working on the optimization of the product, and as soon as additional improvements are implemented - we will be posting information here.

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