Pindex News week 10

All human inventions were created to facilitate and make our lives easier and Pindify is no exception. We want artists to feel empowered and we want them to know that we are having their back. At Pindify, the most crucial imperatives have been to improve the creative journey for our Providers.

As you probably remember, we’ve recently released an updated version of Pindify app for iOS and Android. For the last 2 weeks, we have been collecting data and obtaining feedback to fix bugs that will ensure the app operates more seamlessly. We’ve made seamless usability our number #1 priority.

Apart from that, these days we are working on the following improvements for your user-experience:

  • We’re working on implementing new push notifications for our mobile apps as well as for the web. The design of the notifications section will be more visually attractive.

  • We’re working on implementing a new landing page and new design of our website in general. We are excited to unveil the new design that will be debuted shortly. The first impression is crucial to attracting new users and gives them the incentive to share the platform with their fans and followers. The new design will also be more structured and user-friendly for existing and potential supporters and providers.

  • Finally, we are spending a lot of time and effort implementing a revolutionary feature - we call “sponsorship.” This feature will allow our providers to promote their content by utilizing the sponsorship support of other users who may pay sponsorship fees to boost their ranking in the market and promote their content.  

Our digital marketplace is a community of creatives who are changing the world for the better and to support them, we at Pindify are always striving for excellence. Let us know if you have any ideas about features that would improve our platform. The best is yet to come! Stick around and sign up for our newsletter if you want more news and information at