Pindex news week 21


Exploring the Pindify marketplace is becoming more exciting on a daily basis as we welcome artists, entertainers, and creatives from virtually every industry under the sun. Our communication team takes the time to interview some of our more popular Pindify Providers to highlight their creative journey and ask what inspired them to join our innovative digital platform. We love hearing our Pindify Provider success stories. For instance, well-known Swedish musical artists “Mustache” and “Nightrage” have been featured on our site. These musical artists sat down to discuss their creative journeys and it was an honor to hear their stories. We are building a strong sense of community on our platform, and it shows.

As we improve the platform and its functionality, we see an influx of new Pindify Providers and are eager to hear feedback regarding ways we can improve their user experience. This collaboration helps our Pindify Providers feel like a part of the creative process. For instance, our development team is working hard to implement a more sophisticated streaming functionality that will be equally useful for our many bloggers, musicians, filmmakers and producers, and photographers. We will keep you updated about upcoming technical updates as soon as they are launched.

In the interim, we are happy to announce that one of our favorite (and most popular) Pindify Providers Lisa Ajax, is going to receive her first payout this week. This is a powerful example and proof of concept, which is: Be Heard - Get Paid! Using the platform to their advantage, artists and creatives can publish their content and more efficiently collaborate with other Pindify Providers. As they said in ancient Rome, “ubi concordia, ibi victoria,” ‘Where there is unity, there is victory.’

- Publilius Syrus of the Roman Empire.

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