Pindex news week 18

Pindex 18.png

We continue to develop the Pindify marketplace and make it a better place for creatives all around the world. It takes a lot of courage and tireless effort to mold Pindify into the revolutionary solution our audience requires. That is why we are happy to share with you some news about the latest updates we’ve introduced or are about to introduce to Pindify.

First of all, we’ve updated our Android and iOS apps and added several features by request of our end users, such as a brand new sign up page and functionality for both providers and supporters to make reply comments. This will increase fan engagement and keep them hooked on the platform. Needless to say, we’ve eliminated some minor bugs from the previous version of the application.

Our development team never sleeps, so our next step is to implement a Pindify donation function. This function will provide an effortless and secure way for our fans and fellow providers to support Pindify’s many creatives.

In terms of non-technical efforts, in order to achieve our primary goal of attracting 10,000 Pindify Providers by year’s end, we are ready to launch a substantial marketing and sales campaign.

Check out the sleek new design of our revamped user-friendly landing page, the easy “contact us” form, tips & tricks, as well as success stories from our most talented Providers. We are proud to report that every day we welcome new talented artists and creatives to Pindify. A daily challenge worth the effort!

As we learn and grow, gather data, analyze the data and shapeshift accordingly, we are seeing exciting results! Feedback from our Providers and their fans is crucial to our success, and we are proud of the community to feel we are curating at Pindify.

Let us know if you have any ideas about features that can improve our platform. Stick around and sign up for our newsletter if you want more news and information at